The Impact of a Small Business

I want to thank Mark Jones for inviting me to be a part of the Tri-County Janitorial team. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but since I have had the privilege to experience Mark’s heart and passion for both his employees and his clients, I have come to understand, admire and have great respect for the unique mission and vision of Tri-County Janitorial.

Since Mark understands what his clients expect and value, he is very intentional and selective about the people he hires to serve them. Therefore, my first responsibility was to review a host of resumes and set up interviews for Mark. I found it quite illuminating and educational as I watched Mark “mine” through each applicant’s information and develop a great question that would provide him with valuable insight.

After meeting several of Mark’s employees, I heard the respect they had for him and the appreciation for their work. One person said, “This is the first company I have ever worked for that actually gave me a raise that I didn’t even ask for!” I heard a new employee say, “I appreciate the fact that Mark trusts me and has confidence in me to do my job. It makes me feel valued.”

Although Tri-County Janitorial is not the largest janitorial service in the valley, the influence it is having on its employees, their families and the clients it serves is something to be admired. How many companies do you know of, where authentic mutual respect exists and where employees genuinely appreciate what they do?

For me, working at Tri-County Janitorial is literally life-changing. Easy? Not always, but worth every minute of my time!

Greg Munoz

The Key to Successful Janitorial Services

Two things most important to janitorial cleaning are clear, concise communication and keeping it simple. After all, how many times do you want to talk to your janitorial company in a month?

Things that help facilitate this are:

1. A simple but clear and complete agreement

2. A janitorial staff that cares and listens

3. The people that serve you with leadership from the top need to be less concerned with selling you something and more concerned with serving you.

Tri-County Janitorial believes that training is essential in providing the best cleaning services that you can get. Our management and entire staff is dedicated to making each business we serve our top priority. Our janitors are trained to listen to each customer and provide the individualized cleaning service that each business requires.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide this specialized service for your business.