Our friend Enoch Sears shares about his weekend near the beginning of the creek fire.

Well, this was an interesting Labor Day. Our high Sierras holiday stay was cut short due to the California Creek fire. As we drove up to the lake on Saturday to spend time in a friend’s cabin, we saw a plume of smoke and ash 15,000 feet high about 20 miles distant.
This was the same area where I took my two boys and nephews mountain biking last weekend:
Fortunately, we were far enough away to enjoy clear blue skies, but that changed on Sunday when the wind shifted and we were blanketed with ash and smoke. Should we head out immediately? Or stay the night and leave Monday morning? When you’re in relative comfort, it’s hard to face the reality of (possible) impending disaster. It’s like the human mind tricks us into thinking “we’ll be ok.” Like these lake goers:
Well, the decision was made for us on Sunday afternoon when a neighbor knocked on the door and told us that an evacuation order was issued. We packed up and headed home – getting out just before the main roads closed – glimpsing the fire burning on adjacent ridges as we drove past.
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