Safety First

Safety is often achieved in the small things.  Planning, preparation, and teamwork go a long way in creating a safe work environment.  We recently had Jorgensen Co. out to do annual fire extinguisher maintenance.  This quick step ensures that our office and office staff have tools needed in case of an emergency.

Similarly, in our cleaning services, it is our goal to fully equip all our janitors with the tools, equipment and knowledge they need to do the job safely.  The right PPE and a plan for how to get the job done can each be small parts, yet are essential in promoting safety.

We do our job safely so that we can help create a safe space for our customers.  Quality cleaning is one step forward in safety.

How can you take steps towards safety today?

Cleaning businesses is our area of expertise. We focus primarily on cleaning of commercial businesses, big and small, from industrial to educational facilities. We clean offices and businesses in Fresno, Tulare and Kings counties. Just like the flowers come out around our businesses in springtime, many people associate spring with spring cleaning. For your business, avoid the hassle of spring cleaning and contact us for a new janitorial proposal.

Nigerian Farmers Talk AG

Nigerian Farmers Talk agricultural applications for their farms in Nigeria. One of these tractors, a Nigerian farmer said would be good in sandy soil but not in regions where there was clay earth and the sales man agreed that for that earth you would need to upgrade to a much larger tractor.

Morgan’s Flooring is a Great Part in Helping a Janitorial Business Grow

Morgan’s Village Flooring again has a wonderful Christmas train running in their window.

Always happy to shop local… Tri County Janitorial, a company serving the San Joaquin Valley, buys all its vacuums at Morgan’s and has them repaired there. Morgan’s Village Flooring has been a great part of helping this janitorial business grow.

One Small Business to Another